couple walk together through greenspace

I was looking forward to this cottage engagement session with Tyler & Kelsy for monnnnnths. They knew all along that they wanted to take their engagement photos at Tyler’s family’s cottage, and I didn’t need any convincing. We just had to wait out fall, winter, spring, and COVID restrictions. But it finally happened!

We ended up with the perfect evening. It was a hot day in the midst of that June heat wave we had. The skies were blue and Tyler & Kelsy were naturals. The family cottage is on a little island which also houses Tyler’s grandfather’s and great uncle’s cottage. So we roamed around, chased the light, and laughed a lot. An outfit change and a little bubbly to end the session as the sun set. It was the best. This was my first engagement session of the season and gosh almighty did it feel good to get back into the swing of things. I have missed spending this time with clients and documenting beautiful moments.

Tyler and Kelsy’s wedding won’t be until 2021 (which was the original plan, thankfully). So it was nice to get together this year for their engagement session at the cottage. It felt like a celebration, aha. Every little step back into “routine” is worth celebrating these days.

Looking forward to their wedding next year. For now, we have these pretty engagement photos to look at!!


view of the lake cottage engagement session - golden hour engagement photos couple rest their heads on one another - sun sets behind them couple kiss in front of wooded area - cottage engagement session couple walk hand in hand away from the lake couple sit and look out at lake together couple look out at lake together - cottage engagement session cottage engagement session - couple sit in the sand together black and white portrait of couple with sun flare behind them couple lean in for a kiss - ottawa engagement photos couple walk and laugh together outside couple walk together outside - cottage engagement session couple smile and look at camera close up photo of engagement ring couple sit on dock togethercouple sit on dock together - cottage engagement session couple sit on dock together - cottage engagement session couple drink champagne on dock - cottage engagement session couple have a drink on the dock