What it all comes down to, at the end of the day, is I just really love photographing humans. It’s what sets my soul on fire and it brings me so much energy and joy.

When it comes to photographing weddings, I see it as my job to document your day. The moments, the feeling, the emotions. I am there to capture it all so anytime you look back at your photos, you’ll remember the feeling.

My favourite photos from a wedding are always the tiny in-between moments of connection. The way your mom holds back her tears, the sparkle in your grandmother’s eye, the way your dad holds onto your arm for a millisecond longer than he needs to at the end of the aisle, the extra tight squeeze your friend gives you after the ceremony. Those photos aren’t planned, or staged. They are real and powerful, and those are the photos that will mean the most to you.

So that’s how I approach weddings. I am simply there to document the day that you planned, as it unfolds. I am there to capture the authentic, beautiful, emotional, light-hearted, deep moments, and everything in between! For the most part, I let things happen naturally, and will really only direct when it’s time for your wedding party photos, couples portraits, and family formals. Asides from that, I keep a close eye on what is happening and the atmosphere so I can capture those precious moments.

Now, to some frequently asked questions!

How much can we expect to invest in photography?
Weddings start at 4200 +hst. I also offer intimate wedding and elopement coverage as well. More details can be found here. And please don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to chat. You can contact me here.
Lifestyle sessions (couples, maternity, newborn) start at 500 +hst.

How many images will we receive?
This answer varies from wedding-to-wedding. I don’t put a cap on the number of images I deliver. It truly depends on your day. Full day wedding galleries typically include about 700 images.

How long will it take to receive our images?
It typically takes between 4-8 weeks to receive your full gallery, depending on the time of year. But don’t worry, I always always always send sneak peek images to you in the days following your wedding.

Will you help us with our timeline?
Of course! I am here to help throughout the process and to answer any questions you might have. And while I’m no wedding planner, we will work together to put together a timeline for the day so we have time to take wonderful photos without feeling stressed and rushed.

Do we need to give you a photo list?
The only photo list I need is a family photos list (this helps to make sure we don’t forget anybody on the day-of, and will also help this part of the day go smoothly). Other than that, I don’t take any photo lists! Instead, I ask that couples trust me and put their full faith in me that I will capture the essence of their day.

What is your favourite kind of wedding?
No two weddings are the same, which makes this job super exciting! My favourite weddings are when a couple plans a day that reflects who they are, and what they want. Couples who toss aside the “traditional” wedding ideas and plan an authentic day that has meaning and significance to them. Want a brunch wedding, do it? Want to get married in your parents backyard, I am here for it!! Aren’t into the garter toss, forget it! Just want to invite your closest 30 family and friends? Intimate weddings are sooo gorgeous!! The way I see it, when a couple plans a wedding that is a true reflection of who they are and what they want, they are more present and in-the-moment on the day of. And that happiness and lightness comes through in the photos, allowing me to capture some truly authentic moments. And THAT’S what I love most. So whatever kind of wedding you plan, as long as you’re passionate and excited about it, that’s what matters most.

Can we be friends?
Heck yessss!! Okay, so nobody actually asks this lol. But I promise you it is my mission to make you and your partner feel as comfortable and casual and relaxed as possible when having your photos taken. We’re going to have fun, and it’ll just be like laughing and hanging out with a pal.