Earlier this month, Sarah and I got together for a lifestyle portrait shoot, and it quickly became one of my favourites. When she arrived with bright red lipstick and rain boots in tow I knew it was going to be good! We wandered down to the Rideau River in Osgoode and spent the last hour of sunlight chatting, laughing, wading in the water, watching the sun set, and just hanging out. This girl is a true beauty.

That’s what I love about lifestyle photography – it’s natural and authentic. You can’t force genuine smiles and laughter. But when you’re truly enjoying yourself and having fun, you can capture some heartfelt and beautiful moments. I can’t help but smile every time I scroll through these photos. You are beautiful inside and out, my friend.

lifestyle portrait of woman in river

woman laughing by river black and white portrait

woman in plaid shirt steps into river

portrait of woman standing in river

woman walks into river with rubber boots

Woman in plaid shirt standing in river

woman walks toward waters' edge

ripples in the river

black and white portrait of woman by water

woman in rubber boots splashes in river


hunter rubber boots standing in water

black and white portrait of woman laughing

woman in plaid shirt walking in rubber boots

portrait of woman by lilac bush

woman in plaid shirt walks towards river

portrait of woman through foliage near river

close-up portrait of woman in plaid shirt

portrait of woman during golden hour

woman standing in river during last light

black and white portrait of woman laughing by water