How long do lifestyle sessions take?
Lifestyle sessions take approximately 1 hour. But it could take a bit less, or run a bit longer depending on activities that you are doing, and how the children are doing (if there are any).

What is the best time of day for our session?
I encourage lifestyle sessions to be booked during ‘golden hour’ which is approximately an hour and a half before the sun sets. The sun is lower in the sky, so the light is soft, golden, and delicious! It really is the best light of the day. We’ll want to avoid a session mid-afternoon as the light tends to be harsher at that time.

Can we do our session in our home?
Absolutely! In-home sessions are so special. We’ll pick a time of day when there is lots of natural light coming in your windows, and we’ll come up with some activities that you and your family can do during the shoot. It will be so much fun. And you’ll have wonderful memories of you and your family at home, doing what you do best.

How much can we expect to invest in our lifestyle family photos?
Family photos are an investment. Not only are they memories of this beautiful time in your life. But they will be precious memories for your family for generations to come; they are your family’s history.

Lifestyle sessions start at $375. Please contact me for a detailed price guide and collections offered.

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