couple hang out by kitchen island together - ottawa in home engagement

James & Andrea’s Ottawa in home engagement session was sooo cute. When I first met these two for their consult in the summer, it was just days before they would be getting the keys to their brand new home. So once fall rolled around it was fun to start their engagement session at-home and see how they’d started to make the place their own. It was bright, and spacious, and there were plants. So really, that’s all you need ahah. We laughed and listened to music and got some really sweet photos of James & Andrea just lounging around at home. I love these photos and hopefully they’ll always be a reminder of those first few months in their new home.

Andrea and I often comment on each others instagram stories relating to pizza. We both love pizza. And we both eat a lot of pizza lol. So naturally, Andrea thought it would be fun for her and James to order a pizza that afternoon so they could get some fun photos. I was obviously on board, but let me just say these were so much more hilarious than I thought they would be. They might just be some of my favourites engagement photos.

After the pizza, we zipped off to Mer Bleue just a couple of minutes away from their home and we walked the boardwalk as the sun set. This session was the perfect combination of an in home engagement session and an outdoor golden hour session.

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Thanks for the fun Ottawa in home engagement session, James & Andrea!! Can’t wait for your wedding in 2020! xo